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Migration policy of France at the turn of the 20th – 21st centuries

The article considers the main directions of France’s migration policy at the turn of 20th – 21st centuries and focuses on the measures taken by the French government to regulate migration policy. The author concludes that nowadays a lot of work has been done in the country to solve the problem of migration, which has slightly weakened migration flows.

The Economical Consequences of African Migration to Spain

The article estimates the macroeconomic and microeconomic consequences of migration from Africa to Spain, as well as its impact on the labor market. It includes data on the impact of migration on GDP growth, inflation, wages, and employment of the indigenous population. It concludes that immigration has a positive impact on the using of resources and an overall increasing the economic efficiency.

Migration management case study: Spain and Morocco

The article analyzes the contradictions between the country of destination and origin of immigrants and defines the directions of cooperation between them to regulate migration processes. It considers the evolution of Spanish and Morocco immigration laws and the development of the bilateral relations to consolidate joint model to manage migration. It includes data of the intensity of the migration flows, their predominantly labor character and the dependence on the economic situation in the receiving country.