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housing construction

The Housing policy of the Soviet state in 1953–1985 (based on the data of the Lower Volga region)

In this article, the main directions of the housing policy in the Lower Volga region in 1953-1985, in the period of Khurshchev’s and Brezhnev’s reforms, are analyzed. The article is based on the data from the archives and periodical press.

Housing Issue Mid-1970s as a Problem of Social Arrangement in the USSR

The social aspects of life are considered: housing legislation and the degree of provision of the USSR population with living space. By the example of citizens’ letters to the central authorities and newspapers, the problem of public relations to the process of bourgeoisie of the nomenclature elite is insufficiently covered in historical science. The conclusion is formulated that the statement of private ownership psychology among officials contributed to the weakening of proper control over capital construction.