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Tourism as an instrument of public diplomacy

This article is devoted to issues of diplomatic development. The author marks the increasing role and value of public diplomacy in solution of global problems. Tourism takes up the special position among the main instruments of public diplomacy. It humanizes international relations and consolidates the image of the state. 

Domestic Regions and Nation-States: Cooperation or Rivalry?

The article is devoted to international aspects of interaction between domestic regions and national states. In the course of the research the author considers a number of foreign models of interaction between the state and domestic regions, compares them with the Russian experience, shows the negative impact of globalization process both on nation-states and domestic regions. The aim of the article is to show how the model of interaction between the state and regions is changing under the influence of external factors. 

Presidential diplomacy in Brazil: Achievements and drawbacks

The article deals with the history of the presidential diplomacy concept in Brazil, contribution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and presidents to the creation of the foreign policy concept and to the enhancement of Brazil’s stance in the world. It is shown that in the XX century the Brazilian Foreign Ministry, which is known as Itamaraty, was the strongest body among other executive governmental structures. Its chancellors developed foreign policy strategy and its structural changes reflected Brazil’s priorities.