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French Revolution

Е. Burke and C. Macaulay`s viewpoints on the evaluation of French revolution

This article describesand analyzes thedebates for problem of the French Revolution betweentwo greatEnglishwriters of  XVIIIcentury,Edmund Burkeand CatharineMacaulay

The Freemasons: Mystics, Enlighteners, Revolutionaries

The focus of the author are the events of the European Masonic movement in the XVII – XVIIIth centuries. Analysis of sources helped to illuminate the causes the course of the reform of “old masonry” in Britain in the Modern history. It is shown that the change agents were the intellectuals, members of the Royal Society. Their aim was wide-ranging reforms society in the spirit of the concepts of the Enlightenment. As the author proves, new Grand Lodge actively exported their practices to Europe and North American colonies.

The Catholic Church and the colonial policy of France during the Revolutionary period of the late XVIII Century

The article examines the problem of the ideological and policy influence of the Church on colonial politics and the establishment of equality during the 1789 Revolution, based on the material of the Parliamentary Archives, memoirs of contemporaries and an extensive body of scientific literature.