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First World War

The Officer’s Staff of the Urals Cossak Troops During the First World War 1914–1918

The article focused on the research of the officer’s staff of the Ural Cossack’s infantry during the 1st World War. It is the first attempt to examine of some aspects of training of the officers in the Cossack military embodiment, their educational and professional growth. The reader could find some interesting facts of the losses, decorations and faith of some officers after the end of the First World War.

The Creation of the Image of the Enemy in Propaganda of the Countries of Entente at the beginning of the First World War (August–December 1914)

The article focuses on the comparative analysis of the image of the enemy in propaganda of the countries of Entente at the beginning of the First World War. On the basis of the wide range of primary sources the key elements of this image, certain stages in its development, its common and distinguishing features in each of the countries of Entente are examined.

The protection of A. N. Potresov and his adherents of their position con-cerning the First World War in August, 1917

The author of this article study a «two-uniform» position concerning the First World War of the one of leaders of Menshevism A. Potresov and his adherents which they had after February Revolution. This position combined a necessity of participation of the Russian Workers for the organization of national defense from the external enemy and a struggle for the conclusion of the just democratic peace. It has found the bright expression during the Unification Congress of Russian Social Democracy and the Kornilov’s action.

Perception of war and captured Tripartite alliance Tatars of the Kazan province

Attitude of Tatars of the Kazan province which breaks up to a number of segments, wasn't exposed to the careful analysis from historical community. Long time the Tatar political discourse associated with Muslim, despite that these concepts far aren't equivalent. In article attempt of reconstruction of an image of war and the enemy in public consciousness of Muslim Tatars of the Kazan province in 1914-1915 is undertaken.