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famine in the Volga region

The Magnitude and Causes of Famine 1921 in the Volga Region in Western Historiography

The article is devoted to the investigation of western researchers’ views on the extent and causes of the famine 1921–1922 in the Volga region. It also takes into consideration their assessments of the factors that prompted the Soviet government to apply Western countries for humanitarian aid.

The activities of the Red Army to combat the famine of 1921–1922 (on the example of military units located in the Yaroslavl province)

The scientific article, based on archival sources and publications of the local press, examines the activities of the Red Army to combat the famine of 1921–1922. The main directions of activity of military units of the Yaroslavl province are studied. The organizational aspects of the activities of the Commission for Famine Relief under the Yaroslavl Provincial Commissariat for Military Affairs are considered. Conclusions are drawn about the participation of the Red Army in the fight against the consequences of hunger.