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The Materials of the G.M. Lowitz and P.B. Inokhodtsev’s Scientific Expedition (1769–1774) as the Sources on the History of the Low Volga Region

The activity of the G.M. Lowitz and P.B. Inokhodtsev’s scientific expedition of the 1769–1774 is analyzed in the article. The article gives the review of the preserved expedition’s materials that are of interest as the sources on the history of the Low Volga Region.

Creation and deployment of scientific institutions for the study of Dagestan in the 20s of the 20th century

The article considers the activities of the authorities of the republic on the creation of scientific institutions in the region in the 20s of the twentieth century by using diverse factual material. In conclusion, the author comes to a reasonable conclusion that in the period under review, the first research institutes and laboratories began to function in the region, despite significant difficulties.