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Unknown pages of the Saratov’s left bank

The article deals with the unknown pages of the history of the left bank of Saratov, related with staying in this city many well-known secular and church leaders in the XVII century. First time given the chronology of events that took place in this city.

China’s Attempts to Form a Military Alliance with the Kalmyk Khanate in the Early XVIII Century

The article is devoted to the relevant topic connected with the coverage of the policy of Imperial Russia in its marginal South-Eastern territories. The author introduces new documents from the archive of foreign policy of the Russian Empire and the National archive of the Republic of Kalmykia. The paper analyzes external and internal factors, special historical conditions and prerequisites for relations between the Kalmyk khanate and the countries of Central Asia.

Nikifor Mikhailovich Koshelev: The pages of biography

For the first time, the article presents the life of the Ryazan landowner Nikifor Mikhailovich Koshelev, whose service in the 1620s was closely associated with Saratov. Having been appointed commander of the streletsky order in the left-bank Saratov (streletsky head), he distinguished himself in many battles against thieves Cossacks and Tatars, for which he was twice awarded by the government of Mikhail Romanov. His further service has been traced during the embassy to Denmark together with Vasily Gavrilovich Korobyin.