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The research of family structure of German settlements on the Volga River in the middle of XIX-th century: based on "Gnilushka" colony (Pfeifer)

The article is devoted to the research of family structure of German settlements in the Volga Region in the middle of XIX-th century, based on the analisys of "Gnilushka" colony in the Kamyshin district of Saratov province. Family structure model of the colony is being studied by the enumeration lists from the point of view of demographic analysis and J. Handzhnal's theory of existence of a unique European-type marriage.

The Armenians in the Ethnic Area of the Lower Volga Region

The article discusses various aspects of historical and contemporary geodemographic dynamics of the Armenian population of the Lower Volga region. The author examines the migration history of the Armenians in the region, their number and sex-age composition, as well as the role of ethnic processes in changing the composition of the Saratov region population.

Relocation of the workforce from the Pskov region to the Amur (1961–1967)

The article deals with the problems of the implementation of state tasks in the Pskov region for the planned relocation of labor to multiland areas of the Amur region (1961–1967). Statistical data on the number of resettled are given, the difficulties of the ongoing campaigns and their consequences for one of the indigenous regions of Russia are revealed.