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The phenomenon of collaborationism in the territories of the USSR occupied by Nazi Germany (1941–1944): Points of view and assessment in historiography

An extensive domestic and foreign historiography has been created on the topic of collaborationism and related problems. The purpose of this work is to consider the phenomenon of collaborationism and the forms of its manifestation in the temporarily occupied territories of the southern regions of Russia, the Crimea, the North Caucasus, to compare the approaches of researchers in understanding its essence, forms and scales.

Collaboration in the North Caucasus: Historical Truth or Historical Myth?

The problem of correlation between historical science and State power, between historical fact and historical myth, is analysed in the article on the investigation example of nonsimple ethno-political situation in Northern Caucasus during the Great Patriotic War. The possibility of consigning to oblivion “annoying” historical facts for the sake of momentary political benefit is rejected. The point of the necessity of the synergetic approach to an analysis of any historical phenomena is proved in the article.

The International cooperation in the sphere of culture within the framework of Shanghai Cooperation Organization

The main stages of formation of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization are identified and dealt with. The role of world powers in the region is defined. The interaction of the SCO member states in cultural and humanitarian spheres is considered. Forms of cooperation of the Republic of Tajikistan and China in the field of culture are reflected. 

German cultural policy and propaganda in the territory of the General district of Belarus in 1941–1944

The article deals with the problem of policy and propaganda in the field of culture of the German civil administration in the territory of the General District of Belarus. The aim of the research is to analyze the content of German propaganda materials in the field of culture, to determine its main directions, goals and effectiveness, as well as the content of the real occupation policy in the field of culture. Research methods-analysis and synthesis are applied in the article.