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Cold War

The cultural space of the Cold War: The image of the enemy in Soviet and American journalism

The subject field of the article is the historical-imagological spectrum and comparative perspective. The main actors that influenced the dynamics of the representation of the enemy/other image in the political discourse of the Cold War are investigated. The main type of sources were journalistic materials presented by Soviet and American literature of various levels, from newspaper publications to voluminous popular science publications.

The «Marshall Plan for Asia»: Genesis and collapse (1953–1955)

The article is devoted to studying the process of theoretical development and practical implementation of the plan for integrating the region of South and Southeast Asia into the U. S. strategy for restoring world trade, which is called the «Marshall plan for Asia» or AFAP. The Eisenhower administration’s desire to use the Cold War context to secure funding for the program from the U. S. Congress is emphasized.