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Church of England

Robert Southey – Protector of the Church of England

This article is devoted to the study of the position of the Church of England at the turn of the XVIII–XIX centuries, as well as the analysis of the discussions caused by the need for Catholic emancipation. A prominent thinker and publicist of that time, Robert Southey, took a prominent place in these discussions. Discussions about Catholic emancipation revealed problematic contradictions in the political, religious and cultural discourse of the Romantic era in England. 

The initial stage of ideological formation of Puritanism in the course of Reformation in England

The article deals with the origin of ideological prerequisites of Puritanism as a trend in the Church of England which appeared in the course of Reformation. The author traces penetration of Reformation ideas to England from European continent before the beginning of King’s Reformation by Henry VIII (1509–1547) in 1534 and shows the beginnings of English religious emigration on the Continent from 1520s which was formed by Englishmen who were adherents of continental Reformed churches.