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Conducting a House-to-House Census of Peasant Households by Zemstvo statisticians

The materials of zemstvo statistics are a valuable source on the history of the Russian village in the period after the reform. Zemstvo statisti- cians did a colossal work connected with the study of socioeconomic status of peasant households of the country. The most effective meth- od of acquiring primary statistical data was a total house-to-house census of peasant households which was conducted in zemstvo gubernias in the 80th of the XIXth century. The article deals with the mechanism of its conduction and the results.  

The service of N. F. Annensky in the zemstvo

Zemstvo officials occupied a prominent place in the social life of Russia in the post-reform period. Many of them participated in the populist movement in the 1870s, but for various reasons they left it and devoted themselves entirely to the zemstvo service, the reby obtaining the opportunity to legally study the way of life, culture, labour activities of peasants and to defend their interests before the landlords, gubernia and uyezd administrations. N. F. Annensky was one of these devotees.