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Bronze Age

Vasilij Alekseyevich Gorodtsov and Archaeology of the Lower Volga Region (to the 150 th Anniversary of the Researcher)

The article deals with the activity of V.A. Gorodtsov, an outstanding Russian archaeologist, in terms of the history of archaeology of the Lower Volga Region. His papers are of fundamental importance for investigating the Bronze Age monuments and artifacts of the Gorodets culture. He used to cooperate with the amateur archaeologists from Saratov and was the first one to recognize availability of the monuments of the Bronze Age pit, timber and Khvalynskaya cultures in the region. Gorodtsov gave special attention to the Sosnovo-Mazinskij hoard.

Space of Don-Volga Region Vectors of Culturogenesis

The forest-steppe area of the Don-Volga interfluve is a special category of the eurasian space. The active movements of groups of population, who have left mounds with burials of chieftains and charioteers, are along river routes in this region at the turn of the Middle and the Late Bronze Age. Dynamic development of the local vector of cultural genesis is assumed in the context of the integration of many cultural components (Abashevo, Voronezh, Volsk, catacomb, Pokrovsk, lbischensky, Potapovka).