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British Empire

French Traveler E. Valbezen about Englishmen in India in the Middle of the 19th Century

This article examines the image of India, as it was seen by the French traveler. The author primarily focused at his perception of British colonial policy and its negative consequences for India. The rivalry between France and Britain resulted, among other things, in the critical approach toward the British style of governance in Indian colonies, which was perceived as outrageous and hard for the natives.

The Theoretical Bases of the «Mohammedan Renaissance» in the British India in Last Third of XIX Century

This article contains the brief analysis of the theoretical bases of «Mohammedans Renaissance» in the British India in the last third of XIX century. The author analyzes the publications of W. S. Blunt, W. H. Gregory, M. R. Ahmad, Khawji Ghulam-us-Saqlain on this problem. The author is of the opinion that the British politics and Mohammedan intellectuals created the effective model of modernization of Mohammedan community in British India. 

An Education of Sense of Imperial Unity for BritishCanadian Youth in 70s of XIX Century (Based on Materials of Canadian Education Literature)

The article is devoted to the estimate complex ideas which were schooled to the British Canadians schoolchildren during lessons of history in 70s of XIX century and the research process formation of the conception for Canadians youth about population’s unity of mother country and colonies – imperial unity.