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The towns of Low Volga Region during the Interregnum (1610–1613)

This article is devoted to the history of the towns of Lower and Middle Volga in the Time of Troubles during the Interregnum. The author investigates consequences from suppression of riots in the cities of the Volga region during the reign of Basil Shuisky, participation military men from Ponizova Volga in the organization of the First and Second militias

Embassy to Georgia of Prince Fyodor Fedorovich Volkonsky and Left-Bank Saratov in 1637–1639

The article considers unknown pages of the history of the left-bank of Saratov. Particular attention is paid to the collapse of the embassy caravan on the Volga near Saratov on October 1, 1639 and to the further actions of Prince F. F. Volkonsky’s Ambassador. For the first time a detailed chronology of the events that took place in this city in the summer of 1637 and in the autumn of 1639 is presented, the Saratov Chronicle compiled 120 years ago is supplemented over the years.The main sources about the history of Saratov of this period are analyzed in detail.