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Ahmet Davutoglu

Ahmet Davutoglu’s conception of Turkish foreign policy

The article focuses on the issue of change of Turkish Republic’s foreign policy line under the influence of Ahmet Davutoglu’s conception. It examines the reasons which had led Turkey to the necessity of foreign policy priorities’ change and prospects of formation of Turkey as regional power. It also presents the principles that form the basis of new foreign policy line and objectives of Turkish foreign policy for the next decade

Turkish Foreign Policy in the First Decade of XXI Century: the Experience of Mediation Efforts

The article focuses on the issue of mediation efforts of Turkey aimed at enhancing its role in regional and global scale. It shows the reasons which had an influence on the change of foreign policy line of Turkey in the first decade of XXI century. It also presents the experience of mediation efforts and examines the obstacles which hadn’t allowed Turkey to fulfil its potential to its full extent.


The Discourse of Turkish «Soft Power» in the Context of the Turkish Foreign Policy Transformation in 2001–2015 (Based on Turkish Political Leaders’ Speech Analysis)

The article discusses the study features of “Turkish model” and «Turkish Soft Power» concepts usage in academic and scientific circles of Turkey. Based on the Turkish leaders Ahmet Davutoglu and Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s speeches the author analyzes the key components invested in these concepts. The time frame of the study was 2001–2014, and the basis of the presented statistics was the work of 2015, presented by Turkish researchers Yohanan Benhaim and Kerem Oktem “The rise and fall of Turkey’s soft power discourse.