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agrarian historiography

The latest researches on history of grain trade of the end of XIX-of the beginning of the XX centuries in South Ural

In article researches of the Ufa historian M.I.Rodnov in which the space of the regional grain market and the mechanism of grain trade in the Ufa province are investigated are analyzed.

Sergey Savelyev’s Unfulfilled Revolution

The article is devoted to the analysis of S. I. Savelyev’s works in the context of evolution of Russian historiography of the collectivization. The author notices that Savelyev began his career as the consecutive supporter of ideas of historiographic revolution during 1980-1990s. However, subsequently he offered revision of these approaches and estimates. The author considers the evolution of the views of the historian as an example of changes of events in 1990-2000s in an agrarian historiography.