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Российская империя

Agreements on the Exchange of Prisoners (Cartels) in the Military History of Russia

The article examines Russian participation in such institutionalized form of prisoner of war exchange as cartels. The author reveals a complex and contradictory mechanism for the formulation and implementation of the cartel; analyzes its advantages and disadvantages in the context of domestic and, in part, foreign experience; comes to the conclusion that under certain circumstances the cartel can be used in the course of modern armed conflicts of both international and domestic character.

To the Question of the Origin of Handicraft Centers (on the Example of the Balakhninsk lacemaking)

In the Russian Empire from the XVIII century there was a process of formation of centers of handicrafts. Russian historiography lacks an accurate understanding of the problems associated with the emergence of artisanal crafts and their centers. On the example of one of the major lace-making centers – the city of Balakhna of the Nizhny Novgorod province – the article discusses versions of its appearance and development.

The аccusatory еrend in Russian satirical journalism in the first half of the 1860s: Foreign policy aspect

 The article is devoted to foreign policy topics in Russian satirical journals of the first half of the 1860s. The author analyzes the historical content of feuilletons and caricatures of the leading satirical magazines of the era “Iskra” and “Zanoza”. The article reveals the historical and cultural origins of the “accusatory trend” in public opinion and the press of Russia at the turn of the 1850s-1860s, the peculiarities of its implementation in relation to the foreign policy aspect.