World History

Health of children employed in a factory production of England in second quarter of the XIX century.

This article examines such aspect of factory production, as the health of children employed on the factories. By means of analysis medical reports and reports of parliamentary committees concerning the question of sanitary conditions in the factories, the author comes to the conclusion that the opinion is exaggerated about the bad influence on health children who employed on the factories, and skeletal deformities are less common among them.

«Cossacks» and anti Russian Napoleonic propagation in 1814 year

In article is considered one of episodes of history of Napoleonic propagation – use of an image of "Cossack ‑barbarian" in the anti-Russian rhetoric during military campaign of 1814 in France.

Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon, and his “History of the Rebellion” in the opinion of English intellectuals of the first half of 18th century

The paper represents principal points of view on Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon, and his “History of the rebellion and Civil wars in England” (1702-04), expressed by English intellectuals of the first half of the 18th century. It also reconstructs aesthetical and political contexts which brought up these notions. Special attention is paid to Mr. Oldmixon’s revisionist conception on this “History” and its criticism by his opponents. 

The Economic Aspects of the History of Medieval and Early Modern Towns in Modern Ukrainian Historiography

The article analyzes the study of the economic aspects of medieval and early modern urban history by Ukrainian historians, primarily on the example of the study of urban guilds. The author draws attention to new approaches in the study of the issue and to the question of how the new understanding of culture and anthropological turn in historiography affect the study of the economy of towns. The article also indicates possible new perspectives for the study of the problem

The medieval towns of Bohemia: in European context

The author of this article examine place of medieval towns of Bohemia in history of European urbanism, discover common lines and especially his development comparatively with  development towns of Western and East Europe  

Old Testament Legend about Judith in the Literary Tradition of Early Medieval England

The article is devoted to the Old Testament story of Judith, various aspects of its cultural adaptation and meaning in the literary tradition of early Medieval Europe. Considering the analysis of Anglo-Saxon literary sources, the author examines medieval church writers and homilists’ ideas of woman’s sanctity and heroism, explores the collaboration of Christian and Germanic cultural layers within Old English epic tradition.