Ordeals in Anglo-norman England

The article deals with ordeals («iudicium Dei») and their features after the Conquest compared with those of Anglo-Saxon age and contemporary continental practice. An introduction of the trial by battle, well-known in France, but unknown in England prior to 1066 is given. Meanwhile, common for pre-Conquest ordeal by hot iron was continued to be used with the help of the English Church, which controlled it. In addition it must be kept in mind that there are few real cases of ordeals known from sources, contradictory to the subsequent age of the Plantagenets.


In the article one of the loudest judicial and political processes in Russia in the early XX century is discussed, wherethe Social Revolutionary S. V. Balmashev was sentenced to death penalty (he was son of the famous saratovnarodnik V. A. Balmashev) for the murder of the Minister of Interior D. S. Sipyagina - terrorist attack, which initiated the so-called "Central terror" of the Social Revolutionaries.

The trial of the first political demonstration in Saratov

The article investigates a loud trial of the first in Saratov political street demonstration of the May 6, 1902 - the nature, characteristics (political, legal, moral) and significance of demonstration and trial of the demonstrators