Отечественная война 1812 года

M. B. Barclay de Tolly in the Soviet Fiction of the First Half of the 20th Century

In this article an attempt to review the Soviet fiction of the first half of the 20th century to reveal how the role of the commander M. B. Barclay de Tolly is estimated there at the epoch of the Twelfth year is made. As a result of the analysis of literary works of that time it is possible to state that views of the Soviet writers synchronously reflect all the aspects of the Soviet historiography: from semirecognition of qualities of a military leader Barclay and his merits in rescuing army (and objectively the country) to groundless defamation.

М. Б. Барклай де Толли в русской литературе первой половины XIX века

В статье предпринята попытка обозреть русскую литературу первой половины XIX века и выявить, как в ней была оценена роль полководца М. Б. Барклая де Толли в эпоху Двенадцатого года.

Anniversary celebrations of 1912 in the Saratov Region

The article is devoted to the participation of the Saratov Region’s citizens in the activities devoted to the 100-year anniversary of the Patriotic war of 1812