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Nikolai Ivanovich Kostomarov in the Cultural Environment of Saratov

Saratov historians have long been interested in Kostomarov’s impact on the cultural environment of Saratov. The discovery by Kostomarov of new sources on the history of the Saratov province and the presentation of his views on the features of the regional historical process stimulated the development of scientific knowledge in this area and influenced the social and cultural scene of the principal town of the province.

Folk culture in the cities of Saratov province in the late XVIII - first half of the XIX cc.

The article describes the reasons that determined the significant role of Russian ethnic culture in the urban socio-cultural environment of Saratov province. Its manifestations in various spheres of city life and, in particular, in the look of these cities are based on written sources. For most county-level cities its influence on the cultural process was dominant. In the main city of the province its features were evident in spiritual and ceremonial life of the general population.